About Us

The Massachusetts Beverage Association represents the Commonwealth’s manufacturers and distributors of nonalcoholic beverages from national brands to regional, family owned labels.  Our industry employs 5,460 workers in the Commonwealth with a direct economic impact of $4 billion and pays $475.6 million in wages annually.  In addition, more than 21,311 workers in restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, movie theaters and more depend, in part, on beverage sales for their livelihoods.

Our members’ products reach across the Commonwealth through a vast network of local customers and partners touching virtually every community.  Together, they bring hundreds of brands, flavors and packages to the market, including regular, low and no-calorie soft drinks, bottled water and seltzers, 100% juice and juice drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks and ready-to-drink teas and coffees.  We are grateful for these partnerships and we strive to provide smart, efficient practices that are good for our partners, the economy and the environment.

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The MBA’s Board provides direction and guidance on many issues of interest to the member companies as Massachusetts employers as well as those that are more industry-specific, including comprehensive recycling policy which is a top priority.  The MBA established the Massachusetts Recycling Challenge in 2012 as a way to demonstrate their commitment to modern, convenient recycling and have worked in collaboration with the MBTA, several communities and the DEP to promote better recycling.